What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing or shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing worldwide and has links with many indigenous peoples. I am a shamanic practitioner (shaman) and for me shamanism is about working with, and experiencing energy. I see everything as alive and filled with its own spirit and energy. I operate within a range of shamanic cultures; connecting with the elements, nature and spirit. I believe it is in valuing these energies as sacred and drawing on their wisdom and power that facilitates healing. I feel it’s important that shamanism be truly respected and not taken lightly.

My experience of shamanic healing is that it is very powerful and works on a deep level within the physical body, chakras, auras and soul, as well as energetically affecting our connection to others – past and present. Working in this way can clear deep-rooted issues, traumas and behaviours and may bring about profound transformation and a new way of being.

I am based near Dorking, in Surrey. Shamanic work can be carried out online, at a distance, out in nature and face to face and depends on which type of healing is appropriate for you.

So, if you feel drawn to step forward and work within these energies you may like to try one of the shamanic healings, courses or initiations.

“This was an intense, relaxing and enlightening session and since then, the heaviness within my heart chakra has gone; I’m truly amazed and feel energised from the experience. Judith has a unique gift and works in an open and transparent way. Keep an open mind and let your senses enjoy the experience…it can make such a positive impact.”

IH, Surrey