Shamanic Healing Out in Nature

Receiving shamanic healing out in nature is a powerful and exhilarating experience. By being outdoors you are more in contact with the natural energies all around and are held in their space to release, heal and transform on a very deep level. This can have a magical and transformative effect on your energies be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

I offer a variety of shamanic healings out in nature. Please contact me to discuss your individual needs.

“Words seem very inadequate for what you were instrumental in bringing about, especially the new sense of deep inner peace that I am experiencing. I particularly wanted to thank you for your thoughtful and thorough consideration of all the aspects of my situation. My initial searching was for healing for a painful shoulder and a re-charging of batteries for the demands of working in a caring profession… yet only a few months later I feel as though I have been on a life-changing journey, the benefits of which will be with me forever. It really does feel miraculous.”

ARJ, Surrey